Science Office Room 345

(416) 395-3210 ext 20095






M. Caruana (CL, Science) J. Chew (ACL, Science)
P. Koutroubis (ACL, Clubs & Councils) K. Bell
A. Chalkiotis D. Culaba Chin
C. Harlow C. Lai
A. Morin M. Motica
R. Persaud C. Ramlochan
A. Tang M. Thorpe
S. Tsopelas S. Wang
A. Zalai M. Zotalis


Science Clubs.
For information on these clubs:
Clubs and Councils
Beyond Einstein Assocation, Chemistry Club, Earl Haig

EngineeringClub,Human Biology Club, The Biology Club

Science Contests
Science contest dates and times will be advertised
Haig Radio and posted in the science area.

Grade 12: Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest (SIN),

CAP National Physics Contest, U of T National

Biology CompetitionGrade 11: OAPT Physics Contest



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