School Motto/Mascot/Colours

Our motto is Carpe Diem, a part of a Latin poem, which urges people to Seize the Day or Enjoy Every Minute, a feeling that each Haiger should have during and after school. As a play on the words of the school motto, "The Carpe" is a symbol of the school. If you see a large blue fish wandering the halls, give it a is our mascot. Blue and White are the traditional school colours. Many thousands of people throughout Ontario and beyond have a special regard for our colours and our school song.

School Song

Earl Haig! Alma Mater!
We raise your banners far and wide
Earl Haig! Every son and daughter
Sings your praise and hails your
Name with pride
Carpe Diem! We're going to seize the day today
Carpe Diem! We're aiming high! High! High!
Earl Haig! School of happy memories
Blue and White we'll proudly fly
Carpe! Carpe! Carpe! Diem! Diem! Diem!

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