Waves Sound and Light

Introduction to the types of waves and vibrations

Cycle, period and frequency

Waves Introduction

Basic vocabulary for transverse waves

Universal Wave Equation

How to calculate stuff using V=F*Lambda

Universal Wave Equation Sample Problem

Sample calculation using V=F*Lambda

Mechanical Resonance in Waves

Resonance and natural frequency

Waves and Harmonics

About fundamental frequency and harmonics

Types of Waves

Transverse, longitudinal and torsional description

Reflection of Waves

Wave reflection from fixed and open ends

How to Add Waves, Crests and Troughs

How to draw the addition of waves, called superposition

Standing Waves

Basic definition of standing waves

Properties of Sound Waves, Loudness, Pitch and Quality

How to describe sound waves

Calculating the Speed of Sound in Air

How to use the formula V=331 + 0.59Temp

Calculating the Beat Frequency for Sound

What is Beat frequency and how to use the formula

The Doppler Effect Sound Explained

What is the Doppler Effect

Air Columns and Waves

Solving problems for sound in air columns

Waves Transmission Partial Reflection

Partial reflection and partial transmission of waves from

one material to another

Waves 2D Interference Part 1

2 Point source interference of waves

Waves 2D Interference Part 2

2 Point source interference of waves continued

Waves 2D Interference Part 3

2 Point source interference of waves continued

Young's Double Slit Interference Part 4

2 Point source interference using Young's double slit formula

Young's Single Slit Interference Part 5

2 Point source interference using single slit formula