Introduction to Vectors

Putting Bearings on Vectors

It's easier to add vectors if you put bearings on them first

Vector Addition (Graphically)

Using rulers and protractors. A better method is the algebraic

Removing Bearings From Vectors

If you put bearings on, you need to remove them when you finish

Vector Components

Vector Components Part 1

You need this to add and subtract using the algebraic method

Vector Components Part 2

Solving for components

Vector Components Part 3

How to put the components back into the original vector

Vector Components Easy Airplane Taking Off Problem

Good simple components for airplane at an angle.

Add/Subtract with Components (Algebraic Method)

Algebraic Addition of Vectors

The best way to add/subtract vectors

Vector Subtraction

How to turn simply turn subtraction into addition

Vector Acceleration

We learn this basically as an application of vector subtraction