Acceleration Equations

Acceleration Equations Part 1 Kinematics

How to use the "Big Five" acceleration formulae

Acceleration Equations Part 2 Kinematics

Another sample of using the "Big Five"

Acceleration Equations Part 3 Kinematics

Calculating motion up and down

Acceleration Equations Part 4 Kinematics

Sample complex problem with a car and truck

Sample Kinematics Problem 2 Balls Thrown Down

One ball dropped, second one thrown down 1 s later.

Tricky Problem Can Superman Catch Up to a Bullet

Really good example of a kinematics problem.

Sample Trian Type Kinematics Problem

This is a very common test type question. Object speeds up then slows down etc.

Tricky Gravity Problem Superman Saves a Falling Student

Really good problem with 2 objects falling.

One Object Catching up to Another

One object starts 30 m behind the other.

Very Tricky Problem 2 Arrows Shot Up

This is one of the best gravity problems.

Acceleration Equations in 2D Car Changes Direction Using Vectors (Simple)

Using vectors to find acceleration and displacement

Tricky Sample 2D Kinematics Ferris Wheel Find Displacement

Solve for displacment and acceleration

Acceleration Equations in 2D Using Vectors (Complex)

The "big five" equations can be used for objects changing direction.