Parent Information Nights for 2016/2017

Oct. 18

Nov 8, 2016 - University/College Night

Jan 10, 2017 - Understand the Academic & Elective Course Selection Process

Feb 7, 2017 - Special Guests on mental health, e.g., internet, addiction, drugs, etc.

April 4, 2017 - Ministry of Education PRO Grant Guest Speaker at Cringan Hall of EHSS - "I Get No Respect!" - Strategies for better communication and respect.

May 9 , 2017 - Exam Prep Tips and Summer Opportunities

Upcoming Meetings

A Warm Invitation is extended to all Parents & Guardians, to Earl Haig SS School Council General Meetings

All parents/guardians are invited to join the School Council this year. Parents wishing to commit to attending meetings are encouraged to submit a nomination form to be an Executive member of the School Council. The deadline for nomination forms to be returned to the school office is Friday, September 9, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. or forms may be submitted by email to the current School Council co-chairs: Paul Hollingham (, Sarah Chung ( and Susan Kenney (  

Election Procedure:

All positions on the School Council Executive are open to all parents/guardians. On the night of the election:
1. We will gather all nominees together
2. A list all of the positions and what each particular role entails will be shared
3. All positions will be posted, and each nominee will be asked to write their name on the position that is of interest to them
4. Any position that has more than the number of spots available will be put to a vote
5. Each nominee will have their nomination form read aloud
7. Once read, the votes will be cast by those in attendance.
8. The nominee with the most votes will be elected to that position
9. If a nominee is not elected, they can put their name on another position

School Parents' Council Constitution, click here.

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Get the real scoop on life at the Haig! Listen to our students' report on their activities and obtain up to date information directly from our school principal and our local trustee.

About the Earl Haig Parent School Council

The Earl Haig Parent School Council is made up of members of the local school community - parents, community members, students, teachers, non-teaching staff and the principal - who have or wish to have an impact on or input into the education of its students. The School Council creates a vital link among parents, community members, students and the school staff to share concerns, goals, and issues that contribute to success for every student.

The Earl Haig School and Parent Council:

- promotes parental involvement in our school by providing a voice for parents and an opportunity for sharing information concerning our school, community and board issues,
- makes recommendations to the principal or school board on any matter that affects student learning in meaningful ways, and,
- advocates on behalf of students and the school through regular contact with the Board Trustees, Administrators and other schools in our area.

School/Parent Council Executive 2016/2017

CO-CHAIRS: Paul Hollingham, Sarah Chung and Susan Kenney
VICE-CHAIRS (Claude Watson): Rajiv Chaudhuri & Tracy Reece
VICE CHAIRS (Collegiate): Mehran Khansari & Henry Young
WARD MEETING REP: Tracy Reece & Houman Amini
MEMBERS-AT-LARGE: Ranjan Bhattacharya, Steve Mogdan, Al Kaysami, Parul Verma, Forouzan Moslemi, Phi Than, David Esser, Rose Song, H. Cheng, Candy Yang, Bo-Kyoung Bae
PRINCIPAL: Renata Gonsalves
STAFF REPS (Teaching Staff): Michael Canzi
STAFF REPS (Non-Teaching Staff): Doreen Darling/Lorena Ferrone
Parent Volunteers supporting the School Council Executive: Craig McRae, Heather Saba, Coco Ke, Janet Kwas, Esfandiar Ahadi, Aisha Samson, Caroline Cochien, Edmond Wong, Clara Juando-Prats, Gonenc Fenton, Waheeda Abedi
SAC (President) Malika Khajeh
SAC (Vice-President) Natalie Saba